About Us

Did you know growing and nurturing succulents can help reduce stress, increase concentration and efficiency, purify the air around us and increase creativity?

In addition to all these wonderful benefits of succulents, they are also special and beautiful plants that we love very much and this is what led us to establish a site dedicated entirely to the world of succulents.

It all started with a succulent pot that we received as a gift and we just fell in love and went deep into the wonderful world of succulents. We added more succulent pots, we rooted different types ourselves and we just fell in love!

Over time, we spent more and more of our days reading and researching about succulents and also bought more succulent planters and succulent products that connect to them. From basic products to special decorative items that we found everywhere we traveled or shopping online.

One day we decided that it was time to gather in one place everything we love and know about succulents and for everyone who loves and grows succulents themselves.

We have created a unique succulent website that is a complete world for every lover of succulents and also for everyone who loves beautiful items for the home and garden. We try to bring the best, special and useful products to the site, give tips for growing succulents and give the best possible service.

We are happy and thankful that you are joining us and our wonderful succulents,
Happy shopping!