Succulent Bathroom Decor

Transform Your Bathroom into a Calming Oasis with Succulent Bathroom Decor

Are you looking for a way to transform your bathroom into a calming oasis? Then incorporating succulent bathroom decor is the perfect solution! Adding greenery to your home can bring a bit of nature indoors and make any space feel more inviting. With the right type of succulents, it's easy to create an atmosphere that feels both tranquil and refreshing.

In this article, we'll provide tips on how to choose the right plants for your bathroom. As well as ideas for styling with other accessories like candles or rugs. Plus, we'll share advice on how to care for your plants properly. So they stay healthy and thriving in their new environment. So if you're ready to give succulent bathroom decor a try - read on!

 Succulent Bathroom Decor

Why add succulents as a decor your bathroom?

Adding succulent bathroom decor is a great way to bring nature inside.
It can make any space feel cozy and inviting.
From an aesthetic perspective to many practical advantages, succulents are the perfect addition to any bathroom décor, here are some benifits:

  • It can make any space feel inviting and cozy, boost your mood, and create a calming oasis.
  • They are easy to maintain and their pops of color add vibrancy to the interior design.
  • Succulents also purify the air by releasing oxygen during photosynthesis so it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also clean and fresh!
  • These plants require little care or attention which makes them perfect for busy people who want some greenery in their homes without having to tend to them all the time.
  • Succulents are pretty and easy to take care of, so you can keep them healthy in your home for a long time.

  Succulent Bathroom Decor

How to choose the right type of succulents for your succulent bathroom decor

When choosing the right type of succulents for your bathroom, it's important to consider their light exposure and water requirements. Succulents that require lower light levels, such as Snake Plant and ZZ Plant, are best suited for bathrooms with little natural or artificial light.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is a low-maintenance succulent with long, broad dark green leaves striped with yellow or gray-green. It thrives in full sun to partial shade and can tolerate periods of drought.

 Succulent Bathroom Decor

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) has glossy oval-shaped dark green leaves which are highly tolerant of neglect and drought. It requires medium to bright indirect light but is tolerant of lower light levels, making it an ideal succulent for bathrooms.

 Zamioculcas zamiifolia | succulent plant

A bathroom with alot of light

On the other hand, if your bathroom is well-lit, opt for varieties like Aloe Vera or Echeveria globulosa that prefer more sun.

Aloe Vera is easily identifiable by its long, thick leaves that have spiky edges and are usually green in color with a hint of grey. Its flowers grow on tall, thin stalks in hues of yellow and red.

Echeveria globulosa is a rosette-forming succulent with fleshy green leaves that turns red when exposed to direct sunlight. It blooms clusters of pink bell-shaped flowers during the summer months. Its leaves are rounded at the tips and have small bumps along their surface.

Also take into account their watering needs. Cacti and succulents that need more moisture should be watered once a week while those needing less can be watered every two weeks.

Choosing your succulent for your bathroom decor

Lastly, make sure to choose plants suitable for humid conditions since bathrooms tend to have higher humidity levels than other rooms in the house!
It is best to avoid using certain succulents in your bathroom as they would not do well with the higher humidity levels.Examples include Haworthia, Echeveria and Crassula.

 succulents for your bathroom decor

Tips to save - Choosing the Right Succulents for Your Bathroom

Light Exposure  Consider the amount of light in your bathroom
Low Light Choose succulents like Snake Plant and ZZ Plant
Well-lit Opt for varieties like Aloe Vera or Echeveria globulosa
Watering Need Consider the frequency of watering
Cacti and moisture-loving succulents Water once a week
Succulents needing less water Water every two weeks
Check humid conditions Plants that do not do well in humid conditions like Haworthia, and Crassula

Ways to incorporate succulents into your bathroom design

  1. When choosing the right type of succulents for your bathroom - Consider light exposure and water requirements.
  2. Create a focal point with succulent plants on shelves or hanging baskets and planters.
  3. Use succulents as an accent in a shower niche, near the sink, or around the bathtub.
  4. Add some greenery to countertops with small potted plants that can be easily moved when needed.
  5.  Incorporate succulent planters into your wall decor by creating a living wall art display.
  6. Place larger plants in floor-standing pots to give your bathroom more height and dimension.

  Succulent Bathroom Decor

Add accessories to your succulent bathroom decor

Adding accessories to your bathroom with succulents is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere.

  • Choose items like candles and rugs that complement the color of the plants and help to balance out the green tones. Incorporate artwork that features whimsical designs or calming scenes for a peaceful atmosphere.
  • To further enhance the look, add in some cozy towels and storage baskets to keep all the extra items hidden away.
  • You can also use wall hangings and mirrors featuring succulent decor to extend the greenery throughout the space.


Ensure your succulents stay healthy and vibrant

  • Keeping succulents healthy and thriving in a bathroom environment can be tricky, as bathrooms tend to have higher humidity levels than other rooms in the house.
  • If not taken care of properly, your plants may become wilted or dry out quickly due to the lack of light and excessive moisture.
  • To ensure that your succulents stay healthy and vibrant, it’s important to provide them with adequate light exposure and water requirements.
  • Place them near windows for natural sunlight or use artificial lighting if needed.
  • Water your plants once a week for those needing more moisture or every two weeks for those requiring less.
  • Additionally, make sure to keep an eye on their soil conditions. If it feels damp then you don’t need to water yet but if it feels dry then give them some extra H2O!

  Succulent Bathroom Decor


Adding succulents to your bathroom decor can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. The right type of plants, chosen based on light exposure and water requirements, will help keep them healthy in the long run. Incorporating accessories such as candles or rugs that complement the color of the plants is also an effective way to enhance their look while adding artwork featuring whimsical designs or calming scenes helps promote peace in the space. With proper care, these plants are sure to stay vibrant for many years! So don’t hesitate - give succulent bathroom decor a try today and see what amazing results you get!

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